Top 10 Neighbourhoods With the Lowest Crime Rates in America

When looking for the right place to raise a family, one of the key things to keep in mind, obviously, is safety. No one wants to live in a dangerous area. Safe, secure neighborhoods are highly valued, especially for families with young children. Here are a few of the safest neighborhoods in the United States, each of which would be an ideal place to put down some roots.

Lewisboro, New York

In their ranking of the 100 Safest Cities in America, put Lewisboro, New York as the overall safest – three years in a row. With a population slightly under 13,000 people, this Westchester County neighborhood had no incidence of violent crimes and only two property crimes to report during the period surveyed by the site. Located about ninety minutes from New York City by car, Lewisboro is noted for their excellent public school system and abundance of parks and preserves.

Ridgefield, CT

By contrast, another website tracking neighborhood safety, Neighborhood Scout cited Ridgefield, Connecticut as the safest neighborhood in America, based on the low 0.08% crime rate for it’s over 25,000 residents. Like Lewisboro, it’s noted for its excellent public and private schools, but on the negative side, diversity is rather poor while the per capita income is a high $75,634, although that pales next to the staggering $105,846 of neighboring New Canaan.

Via de la Valle, San Diego

Another neighborhood considered one of the safest in America is Via de la Valle in San Diego. gives this an A+ for crime and safety, as well as top marks for the schools and its overall suitability to families. However, it’s not the most affordable spot, with the median home value being a steep $1,390,854 compared to the $184,700 national average.

Riverside, Cincinnati

For a bit of a better balance between cost of living and the crime rate, families may want to consider Riverside in Cincinnati. While it doesn’t rank in the top tier of the safest neighborhoods in the U.S, Niche puts its crime and safety grade at a respectable B+, good enough to earn it an A- grade in the good for families’ category. The median home value is a modest $115,764, well below the national average.

Downtown, Los Alamos, N.M

The AARP’s “liveability index,” which takes into account not only crime stats but economic opportunity and pricing, puts Los Alamos New Mexico at the top of their list, citing the fresh air, clear water, elevation, low crime rate and short commute by car to well-paying jobs.

Washburn, La Crosse, Wis.

The AARP also gives top marks to Washburn, La Crosse, Wisconsin for its appeal as a “Midwest-nice neighborhood with low crime, excellent air quality, low speed limits and above-average high school graduation rates.”

Sunnyvale, California

Finally, CBS News ranks Sunnyvale, California, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, as the safest neighborhood in America. It also has the lowest drug use rate of any county in the country. However, the cost of living is high, with a median home average of $1,915,400 due to the proximity to Silicon Valley.

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